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Old 10-07-2013, 11:56 AM
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Integrated Bow Sac Install 2002 xstar

A few weeks back I installed the MC piggyback bow ballast upgrade from WakeMakers. I have a 2002 xstar and before installing I was worried about how I would be able to get at the Starboard vent line hull penetration. I guess each boat is hand made and the location of various things, including the vent lines, vary from boat to boat. Mine looked very hard to reach. As it turned out, I was able to lay on my back with the starboard bow seat cushion removed, feet toward the bow and reach up through the under seat storage and work by feel. It was tight but definitely do-able, and I am a big guy with big mitts. I started by disconnecting the stock vent lines on both sides (the port one is easily reached from the battery compartment) at the hull. Both hull through connects were loose and needed tightening. I checked all the others too and all of them were loose. This will be a part of routine maintenance from now on. Then I attached the quick connects to the stock vent lines that came with the IBS kit. Next came the nipples on the bag (4 of them) and then connected the lower, rear nipples to the old vent lines on each side for the fill lines and finally hooked up the upper nipples on the bag to the through connection in the hull for the vents. The guys at wake makers told me it would be easy and it was. It ties in very nicely with the stock ballast, filling automatically when the ski locker bag is full and emptying automatically too. Simple and nicely integrated. The only downside is that I just can't see how it gets 650 pounds of water in there. The seat frame constricts the bag preventing it from filling completely. My guess would be that it adds about 350 pounds at most. To get the full benefit of the bag you would have to lay it on the bow seats losing all the convenience of it being hidden away. To help out I put two 150 pound fat sacs on the bow seats and fill with a Tsunami when we don't have extra bodies in the boat. All-in-all I am happy with the product and easy of install...that is until I can afford a boat that comes with a surf gate and requires no messing around with extra sacs, boat lean etc. etc.

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