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Old 09-26-2013, 11:09 PM
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Series...CHECK! Parallel...CHECK! OHM(ygod) Help!

Guys, help me wrap my sleep deprived head around this... I have 4 speaker wires (two pairs = 2 channels) in my tower. I have 2 tower speakers connected. I want to connect 2 more.

MC confirmed that the tower is wired to run 2 ohms per channel when more than one set of speakers are on the tower. This is where I black out.

1) Does this mean the two speakers on the tower right now are tied to one set of wires in parallel creating a 2 ohm load?

2) Does the second pair of tower speakers connect to the second set of wires in parallel creating another 2 ohm load?

If I can establish this, my next question will follow... Easy does it, one step at a time! And for those of you out there in the know...this ain't no step for a hill climber!
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