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Old 09-23-2013, 11:02 AM
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Ski Dock Overhaul

We’re in the beginning stages of brainstorming for a ski dock restoration for the club... A couple of ideas in our heads were what to use as far as materials... Those of you that have built docks, here are the questions:

1. Do you prefer the marine treated wood or do do you prefer a synthetic lumber? Is there a huge difference between the two cost wise / durability wise?

2. If you go with marine treated wood, I was looking into nonskid paint. I see Cabela’s and Overton's offer it for $80-90 per gallon. Is there a better /more durable product for less money? Has anyone used either of these products can vouch for it? Durable? How long does it last? Does it peel off or look like ‘carp’ when it does? What I definitely would not want is a maintenance nightmare.

3. New regulations require utilizing encapsulated foam. Does anyone have a cheap resource? Also, is there a good way to calculate the amount needed? When we bought some for our jump restoration, it was a little too much and we had to counterweight the jump with anchors to put it at the right height.

Thanks in advance

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