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Old 09-11-2013, 07:21 PM
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Hello From Canada

Hey guys I just wanted to say hello, Im going to pick up my first Ski boat tomorrow.

1987 M/C Prostar 190
Not sure on Ratio, 1:1 or 1:?
Decent condition

-Engine had milky oil for a bit and oil was changed 3 times with same results and then one day the engine wouldn't turn over seller said seized, im assuming Hydro-Locked.

-Missing the back bench as there was a homemade ballast system which is now gone.

-Trans had milky oil but one change cleared it right up.

-Small Chips here and there

-Badly faded platform with one loose bracket

-5"x5" softer spot on the floor (wet fiberglass im assuming)

This all according to the current owner Asking price is $2500CAD with newer M/C Trailer

My list of fixes starts with the Engine, so far through research here this is my list of how to determine whats wrong.

-Inspect Plugs and check for water in cylinders
-Coolant pressure test (15-20psi)
-Riser Gaskets
-Cracked Mani or Riser
-Bad intake Gasket
-Bad head gasket
-Cracked head
-Cracked block

Anyways feel free to give advice and say what you will ill get pics soon.

PS I have never had a inboard before so I know nothing about the differences in a marine engine from a reg car engine.

Thanks in Advance.
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