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Originally Posted by mpabreo View Post
For those with the Fusion IP700i, how are you using Android to play music? 3.5mm headphone jack quality is crap, bluetooth quality is junk, and when you plug an Android phone into the usb it accesses all tracks over MTP, but doesn't read playlists, resulting in having to scroll through or search hundreds of songs, very impractical. I'm reading the Fusion manual now, and am about at a point where I'm about to use a flash drive with mp3s, playlists by folder as I'm at a loss.

Oh, also, the fusion doesnt work with the iphone 5. at least not the internal deck connection, you'd have to use usb, which again presents the aforementioned problem. I dont use anything mac so switching to an ipod/iphone is not an option.
If you use a Genuine Apple 40 pin to lightning adapter, an IPhone 5 will work with Fusion gear. I have tried several aftermarket adapters and they won't stream music. I have bought a Fusion 40pin cable and a genuine Apple adapter and I have full functionality with my 5 and just remove the adapter and it works with older IPhones and IPods. Downside is my internal dock is no longer used.
Having said that, I have a IP500 head unit and they are different. The cable is not listed as compatible with a IP700, but I would think if you were careful, it would be possible to use the adapter directly into the dock, and plug the 5 into that.
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They have a new dock, the universal dock, that has room for iphone + lightening adapter so I would imagine they might be updating the headunit soon.
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