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Old 08-26-2013, 12:31 AM
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Feedback on Bullet Audio if anyones interested

Hey all,

I have a 01 Xstar that I brought off the importer of Bullet Audio here in New Zealand.

I have just finished repairing a dead amp and fixing up a bit of the wireing and thought I would post the result/feedback on this gear.

Here is their website: (which is REALLY out of date)

My boat has:
4x 770HPC 7.7" tower speakers (driven by a Boston Audio GT2200 amp)
6x 650HP 6.5" coaxial cabin speakers (driven by a Power Acustics BAMF 1600/4 amp)
1x 10" sub (driven by a little Clarion APX400.2 amp)

This all runs off a Clarion M455 head unit, with 2x 200AH 6V AGM batteries in serries and a Optima Bluetop for starting

I'm more into clarity of sound when riding then all out noise/bass (hard to tell with the song choice in the vid haha), and these Bullet speakers seem to do the job pretty well. They have good bass projection for tower speakers and the mid range goes for miles.

Heres a vid from yesterday.

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Old 08-27-2013, 11:20 AM
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Congrats on the install.

I run the 6.5HP on my in-boats and like the sound.
Clear and strong but not as sharp as some people assume a HLCD is. From a conversation a couple years ago, I believe this is due to their cross over.

It is usually difficult to get a video to do a sound system justice. The microphone is really not intended to pick up audio nuances. Then there is the play back end which is often done on less than full range speakers.
Finally, as you mention song choice was poor. The heavy, grinding, electronic dub beat tears on a speaker listening in-person at normal levels let alone this example.
Your video is a prime example. Personally, I was unimpressed, even using my full range Boston Acoustics w sub for play back.
Trying to factor for compromises, it sounds like the mids are still being taxed and not as clear as other systems with larger 8" and 10" drivers.

Enjoy your hard work and $$ spent and know you sound better than 98% out there. I predict your next move will be for more bass since that single 10" sub can not keep up.

Since I just ripped all over your post. Here is my example of a bad recording and a better recording.
First is my system in the shed, under the cover in early Spring when I had boat fever three years ago, recorded with a BlackBerry. Song lyrics could be changed to microphone can not handle it! You can see my Krypt inboat (HP clones).
I don't know the details of how this type of microphone works but you can tell I turned down the volume at 53 sec and the reduced sound pressure allowed the mic to settle down til I brought it close to the subs. It sounds increasingly worse til 2:45 when I back it away and turn down a little more as I recall.

Second vid, is smooth acoustical music often used to tune in stage equipment. I am testing a PA horn to be used in a party cove rig. Recorded with a Nokia 920 fwiw.
1991 MariStar 240sc, 454, tower, WetSounds, Krypt and Rockford Fosgate

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Old 08-27-2013, 04:47 PM
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Thanks for the post bsloop.

Your dead right on the recording. It's totaly crap and doesn't do the sound quallity any good. It was recorded with an iPhone in a lifeproof case and the Mrs kept putting her hand over the Mic inlet which is why the vid kind of dulls out in the middle. In saying that......Ive never tried very hard to get a vid of a stereo because its really pointless in all honesty. Ya just have to hear it in the flesh.

The vid was taken for a friend to show the change in volume with the distance more then anything. I could have taken the boat half way up the river and still heard every lyric =P.

All in all I am pretty happy with the Bullet gear. Its construction looks really good, they are a fair price (in NZ anyway) and they have a good balance between clarity and volume projection.

After I got to the lake, I was actually driving around for half an hour with the fader on (no tower speakers) and didnt even realise....the cabin speakers were that loud =P.
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