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Old 08-20-2013, 03:23 PM
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Hull Damage

Wanted to place this here so those who have a similar situation can get SOME peace. Last year I hit a GINORMOUS granite boulder at 28 miles an hour while cruising the lake with my wife and 3 kids in our 03' X-30. Sheared one of 4 blades off the prop, bent the shaft, strut, broke rudder and rudder port, and the worst part fractured fiberglass aground rudder and strut from the force of the rudder being ripped toward the stern of the boat.

First let me say that the "sound" at impact and following few seconds still makes a certain part of my anatomy tighten closed. I immediately shut er' down pulled the engine hatch and looked for water gushing in the transom. After that inspection showed negative for a sinking craft, and assuring the family we weren't going to be swimming to shore, I fired it up (no issues yet) then gently eased it in to gear. At about 1000 rpm a major vibration. I shut it off and grabbed the goggles. Playing Navy Seal, I spotted the prop and saw the missing blade.

Thinking that was my issue I started her up up again an idled across the lake to our dock. Late in the day after wind died down I idled it to the ramp and pulled her out, and backed down into our driveway. THEN I was able to see the whole story.

Yes I blew off a blade. But in the water I wasn't able to see the 2" deep by 1" wide by 12" long gouge the loose blade took out of the hull. Nor did I see the bent shaft, strut, F.U.B.A.R.E.D. rudder, and the ripped up fiberglass around the rudder and strut points. My guts churned as I inspected and the sound of $1,000 dollar bills burning into the air filled my ears. I Immediately got on this forum to seek solace, and info. I found both. Here is why I am posting this a year later.

I got estimates from a few people near Lake Tahoe and the average price was $10-15,000 all in. I was given a name of a guy on this forum near Sacramento that I contacted and decided to drive to and was very glad I did. The shop is "Benny's Custom Marine fiberglass". The owner Benny is one of the nicest, most professional men I have had the pleasure of dealing with in many years. The work he and his crew did is un real! Flawless! He also has a relationship with Nor Cal Mastercraft, who ended up doing the mechanicals, and R & R work of the damaged running gear along with a perfect alignment of the shaft, & strut. ( A side note, Nor Cal M.C. made an error in ordering of the prop. After an initial try at "making it my problem", they realized quickly their error and fault and handled the issue immediately).

Benny stayed in touch with me the entire time the boat was in, and from start to pick up I had the boat back with in 2 weeks!! I can not tell you how many different things Benny did to help us, but let me lay this last one out here. He met us on a Sunday night at 9:30 pm to deliver the boat to us on our way back up to the Lake House from Los Angeles. That after he drove 45 minutes each way over to Nor Cal MC to pick up the boat and bring it back to his shop because it was closer for us! You just don't find guys like Benny to often anymore.

To anyone in the Northern Cal area who has crushed their hull, Benny's Custom Marine will make a horrible situation as easy as it can be. Oh, and by extremely competitive pricing!!

Bobby T
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