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Originally Posted by SP Maristar View Post
My mechanic says he loves the 335 turbo motor. HE loves them because when they go (and they do) they are big money to replace. I think a bit more research on that motor would be a good thing.
The 335 motor has been updated since the big fuel pump recall. That year x3 does not have the problem motor/ turbo set up. Turbos can go out in anything. It's the nature of the beast. Not too many vehicles can put as wide a smile on your face as one with the right motor.
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I have a 10 year old Z4 and didn't opt for any extended warranty. In the last four years, I have had to (a) fix an electrical gremlin and (b) have some exhaust work done to pass NC Smog inspection. The electrical was a $9 part then ended up costing a grand to diagnose. To be fair to BMW service, they really did put in a lot of labor and ended up taking pity on my and dialing back five hours from actual. The exhaust ended up being about a $700 repair at a non-dealer service facility I trust. Other than that, the car's been essentially flawless, but it's a fairly uncomplicated vehicle (comparatively speaking). Mine is low mileage (just under 69K miles). So unless something catastrophic should occur, I think I'm still pretty ahead of the extended warranty game, for what it's worth!
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My wife has a 2008 4.8 X5 that we bought the extended warranty for. It covered a radiator replacement at 90,000 miles, but that it is. She now has 180,000 miles on it and we have only had the radiator issue, a wheel bearing replacement at 165,000 and the water pump bearing go out of it 2 weeks ago. Parts for the wheel bearing were like $300 and parts for the water pump was $500. I have a buddy that is my mechanic that I pay in Jack Daniels so I didn't pay labor. Replaced the brakes once at about 70,000 miles. It has been a real solid car for her. My opinion is you can do a lot of repairs even though it is a BMW for $4k. I wouldn't get it.

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We didn't pay anywhere near $4k for our extended warranty. Our vehicle was a certfied pre-owned so the extended warranty came with the car. My guess is there was a cost to it, but it was rolled in to the price of the car. We bought her car with 7000 miles on it and I would say it has been pretty good for her so far.


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Originally Posted by Jerseydave View Post
We are approaching 50K miles on the wife's 2011 BMW X3.

To extend the warranty to 100K miles it will cost $4210
This includes all electronics including NAV, and all other components except for maintenance items such as brake pads, etc.

Do you think it's worth it? Most of the cars we've owned before don't see any need for major repairs until over 100K miles. I'm not a big believer in extended warrantees most of the time.
I would hope the germans build better components than some of the cheap Asian imports.
If buying an extended warranty only get a factory extended warranty, do not buy a third party warranty, I have seen way to many 3rd party warranty companies decline repairs that were legitimate concerns, also you can haggle the price on factory extended warranties.

I have a buddy that works at a BMW dealer I can have him look into a price for the platinum coverage warranty that would include the NAVI unit.
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Old 08-05-2013, 08:54 PM
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I use to have a BM-trouble you and it was great until about 120k. Had to get rid of it due to the repair. they were more than any monthly payment would have been. It's a crap shoot but if it ends at 100k I probably wouldn't do it but I know nothing about that particular model.
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Old 08-06-2013, 10:18 AM
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Look for an aftermarket service plan. You can get one that covers just as much as the one from BMW for half the price or less you were quoted. My friend got one up to 100k miles on his 545i and it definitely paid for itself. After my VW's head group was replaced under warranty after a stuck open injector unseated a ring, I refinanced and rolled a 5 yr/100k mile service plan into the loan. $17 per month for piece of mind is definitely worth it.

I never believed in extended warranties before. But I used to be a Honda owner. The VW is loads more fun to drive, but at a price.
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If I was willing to be $4200 that I was going to have more than $4200 worth of repairs on a basically new car, I'd sell the piece of shat!
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See if they can certify the X3, if not, 4k seems outrageous for a warranty. Can always sell and try and pick up a CPO X3.

Personally I don't keep any car a day/mile over the factory warranty period.
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