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Old 07-18-2013, 07:11 PM
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2000 X-Star *Need advice*

So this is my first mastercraft I have owned. I have several other ski boats but not a V-drive.
I bought this boat about a month and a half ago. I was taken on a test drive, everything seemed ok, the X-star needed a couple things (some interior work and a MDC box). No big deal, bought the boat at a descent price.
For the first probably 40 hours or so the boat ran great, was pulling people up with 9 people on the boat everything is awesome.
Then i noticed something was not right with the throttle after messing around with the perfect pass.
I decided to bring it to my local MC dealer (who I have never used but was told to go there through a friend).
I brought it there on monday, told me they would call me tuesday and have some info for me.
I got no call, so I gave them an extra day and still no call.
I called wednesday night and they told me they got busy with some other customers boats and would let me know in the A.M (Thursday)
Never got a call so tonight before they closed I decided to call again.
There response was " Let me find out whats going on and ill call you back"
Got a call about 2 hours later and they tell me that " my perfect pass was not wired correctly and that was my throttle issue.
However, they pulled my dipstick and the oil was a tad bit milky and I probably need a new motor. "
My response was oh really how do you know that and how much to fix it?
They said " well I didnt really dig into to much but ive seen enough of these that you probably didnt winterize it correctly and it cracked the block, I just did a LTR a few weeks ago and its around $7,500"

Basically it seems to me that they just didnt want to be bothered with a older mastercraft like mine, or anyones in general this week (middle of a heat wave here in MA)

I talked to a few friends from NH who told me there is no way that I would be using it wakeboarding for a month and a half several times a week and every weekend with a cracked block from the winter. He said it could be several things, intake manifold, risers etc....

Basically just looking for some advice guys
Sorry this was my first post but I always browsed and usually found my answers so I never needed to sign up..

Any advice or info is appreciated.

Again, boat is a 2000 MC X-star 330 LTR .

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