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Originally Posted by bkblaida View Post
The first time we went to Coble ski school my daughter (12 years old) had never been able to get up on one ski. April Coble watched her try 3 times and took her over to a wakeboard boat and attached the rope to the top of the tower. My daughter popped right out. From that time on whenever I am teaching someone to get up on 1 ski I use a tower or a fly-high pole. It pulls the skier up on top of the water verses dragging them up to plane.
Used this method to get my brother and sister up on two skis this weekend for the first time. Geometry class did come in handy after all
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We always use the “Max Power Technique” and then taper off the throttle once the acquired speed is obtained.

What I tell the skiers to do is to hold the ski in the water at a 45 degree angle and to tuck the tail of the ski all the way into the body... Once the boat takes off have the skier push down with the front leg on the ski to get it planed out quickly....

As for grip -- the baseball grip is really not crucial to getting up..... Once the skier gets up they can easily transition to the baseball grip then....
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