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Old 06-30-2013, 08:32 PM
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Originally Posted by lukedeuce View Post
This happened last weekend at the river we go to. I had literally just launched in the harbor where the boat houses were and was waiting at the dock for my fiance to park the truck. A gentlemen that owns a house came up to me and started talking to me about the Mastercraft:

Him: Oh man, I have been watching you the past couple seasons pulling all the people around, I have been keeping an eye out all season for you to come out with that boat so i could talk to you. This thing is sweet
Me: thanks! it's not the prettiest out here, but we enjoy our time with it.
Him: well, it still looks great, what year is it? I bet it hauls a$$
Me: 1983, it gets up and goes. especially when i am pulling a couple people. i've got the 351 and powerslot to thank for that.
Him: (flabbergasted of the size engine) a 351? did that come in it??
Me: yea, 351 PCM. I have put a little money in it, but just routine maintenance things. All stock. (this is about time my fiance gets back and my friends pull up)
Him: Yea, i have a jet boat back in the slip. It'll do 50+ easily.
Me: well that's good. I get up to low 40's, but i don't usually push it that hard often.
Him: Only 40? Your joking. That thing should compete against my boat. you must not have the right prop on it.
Me: It's not a go fast boat...made for skiing. I've got a 4 blade prop on it.
Him: well you should try to prop it up and use the trim. (i just blankly stare at him for a little bit) I wanted to invite you out to the drag races we are having for the Freedom Festival on the 3rd. We're going to line up a bunch of jet boats throughout the day and run them. Should be fun and i know that boat will do great if you get the right prop on it.
Me: thanks, but im going to pass. I would only be interested if we were pulling several skiers at the same time.
Him: No. No, skiers. Can't ski behind a jet boat...Stop out and see me on the 3rd, i think we'll get you entered in and see what we can do about the prop.
Me: ...Ok Sir. See you then

As he is walking away, my fiance looks and me and says "What an idiot. He must not know anything about boats"
Great great story!!
If its not a competition ski boat, its always second best.

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