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Old 06-10-2013, 11:49 AM
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Amp question - 5 channel to 5 channel

I have searched the threads and have found bits and pieces of this. Basically, I have an older Memphis Belle 1400 watt amp driving my whole system. Double 6.5 Ultra Marine Polks on the tower, 2 sets of JL 6.5 (without tweaters) in the cabin and a JL sub.

The Memphis Belle amp (about 8 years old) has finally started to cut out and has one of the controls broke so time to replace.

Will the 750 watt JL do what I need it to do? It appears to have the same RMS (75w) that the larger Memphis had. We don't really blast music at deafening levels - most of the time, we just want good cabin sound or at the most, for the wakeboarder to get some tunes -but we aren't trying to just be as loud as possible.

I know I am essentially running (since the towers are doubles) 6 speakers off the 4 main channels - any thoughts on that? Hoping to not have to add another amp.
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