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Old 06-10-2013, 08:10 AM
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2012 piggy back ballast timers programming

As most of you 2012 owners know, changing of the ballast timers for piggy backing was not possible until now.
After about eight weeks working with MC, programming last week and a affirmative lake test last weekend I can tell you it's working now. I have two 1100lbs bags in rear and two 400lbs bags piggy backed in front(center) in my2012 X-15 and filling and emptying them with the original ballast pumps works just great.
The process basically consists of installing the needed software, connecting to the Master lenco module, updating it's firmware and changing it's ballast pump values afterwards.

So to use the MC marketing speak "Go down to your dealer and get some"!
Please keep in mind the needed Hardware (MC part# 500766 and 500767) are in somewhat of a short supply I guess...
I was thinking of doing a write up of the whole process, but unless you're willing to spend $500+ on the programming hardware yourself for basicly just one programming it's no use, your dealer should be able to get everything needed from MC.
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