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Old 05-12-2013, 06:21 PM
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First time out 2009 X star (first impressions)

Finally got out on the water after a long long wait for the ice to clear.

Im sure some people were wondering how my new to me 09 X star compares to my previous 2012 X25. At this point (based on first impressions of only being out for a few hours), Over all I am very happy. I did find one glitch with the VDIG, the down curser button is reversed so I can ONLY scroll up - which is a problem (another thread on that).

Other than that, (knock on wood) everything seems to work perfect.

Probably the most noticeable difference was how much more power and responsiveness the X Star had compared to the X25. Strangely, both have the 6.0L, however the Xstar is Indmar LY6 an Ilmore on the 25. Right off the bat, the Xstar's acceleration seemed much faster.

I noticed that the Xstar had very little bow rise, almost seemed there was no bow rise at any speed (Xstar has no plates) compared to the X25.

My maximum speed (according to the gauge) was about 45mph (un-calibrated). Overall the star accelerated like a bat out of hell and just seemed faster at maximum speed that what I have been used to.

For turning, WOW!! this turns on a dime and will accelerate in tight turns, The X25 would not turn nearly as sharp and would bleed power during the turn (X25 did not have tracking fins).

Also I noticed the Indmar LY6 had a noticeable lower rumble to it compared to the Ilmor 6L. Not important, but both my wife and I noticed it just had a lower rumble.

Cutting across other peoples wake was surprisingly good. With the flatter bottom on the Xstar, I was expecting bow slap (like my Moomba had), but the star just cut right through it and absorbed the wake very well - no difference from my X25.

There was no water over the bow. Even with all the ballast 100% full, turning into my own wake (slow speeds and using my normal driving habits), there was not water over the bow. I guess I saying that it is was no different from the X25. Probably just good driving habits

No tower shake (The Xstar tower has larger dia tubing that the other X series boat) making this tower the most sturdy of ALL boats I have owned. Even trailering, hitting pot holes, the tower does not sway, the entire boat does.

No squeaks, rattles etc. Everything seems solid. I was concerned the tower would rattle or creek, being a traditional style, but everything was solid.

IPAD worked flawlessly wit the standards IPOD connection. Was able to control the IPAD from the clarion remote

Stereo sounded amazing. With the extra 2 speakers the Xstar has in the main cabin (compared to the X25), the sound was awesome and crystal clear with NO interference noises (that I had on both my previous boats).

Loading onto the trailer was smooth, With the heavier carpet (not sure if the previous owner added it) seemed to help eliminate sticktion when powering on the trailer.

Last... the boat looked so good on the water. So far VERY Happy. Just have to get the VDIG fixed

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