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LMFAO - I need you to talk to my dad...

Originally Posted by willyt View Post
im glad we're pretending to be wakeworld here now.

i'll continue. has anyone looked at MB? they're awesome.

tige's are also the best, you can clear the wake at 95 feet at 27 mph with no ballast
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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
What do you mean by skiable?

You can ski behind anything that can pull you out of the water. I would think when comparing an X30 to a G23 for skiing neither are going to do short line anything. With that in mind boat boats have the same skiability.

I have a lot of fun getting a couple of feet of air behind my X30 on a slalom ski while wrapped up.
I believe that the extra weight +1000 lbs and hull design (deeper v more geared towards wake boarding and not as a cross over boat) of the G23 makes it harder to slalom behind than the X30. Again it is not a 197 and would be for recreational use. By no means should you buy an X30 if your a die hard skier.
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Originally Posted by Aric'sX15 View Post
Yes. My neighbor has one. Worst quality boat ive ever been on. His board rack fingers just fell off for no reason. The wake doesnt clean up until 26 mph. The gel fades way quicker and the graphics on the back fell off for no reason. No bow storage. Crappy carpet. Crappy tower with to long of bungees on the racks. The mb he had before that the platform literaly broke and fell off.
What year was his MB? My buddy had an 08 and the quality was top notch. Everything from the custom billet aluminum speaker covers to the interior and carpet was as nice as I've seen on a wakeboard boat. If I was in the market for a new boat on a budget the MB F21 would be at the top of my list. If money wasn't an issue the G23 would be my top choice.

In the end I choose to go with a 2004 Super Air Nautique 210 because the wake on it can't be beat by any other used boat out there in that price range.
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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post

Your opinions? - My MCOCD blinds me too much...

The First MasterCraft (pictured above), only 12 boats produced in 1968.
MasterCraft was First hand-laid fiberglass ski boat for better strength and consistency.

MasterCraft pulls first National Waterski Championship

MasterCraft pulls new World Record in Men’s Slalom and Tricks.
First Marine Grade carpet for longer wear.
First mufflers on a ski boat for a quiet ride.
MasterCraft pioneers the swim platform to make entry and exit of the boat easier.

MasterCraft pulls first World Championship.
MasterCraft first uses tracking fins for better directional control in a slalom course.
MasterCraft uses first molded instrument panel for increased durability.

MasterCraft pulls a new men’s Slalom Waterski World Record.
Mastercraft introduces the PowerSlot gear reduction transmission for better hole shot and ability to maintain speed under load.

MasterCraft pulls new world records in women’s slalom and men;s slalom and tricks.
MasterCraft is chosen as the official towboat of Cypress Gardens and Marine World.

First 100% fiberglass stringers and structural construction for greater durability.

MasterCraft founds the Pro Tour.
MasterCraft pulls new world records in women’s tricks, men’s slalom and freestyle.

MasterCraft pulls Mike Hazelwood to a 203’ World Record in Jump.

MasterCraft pulls new world records in women’s slalom and tricks and sets the women’s world record in jump three times.

MasterCraft introduces the MariStar, first in a line of large luxury ski boats.
MasterCraft’s WearGuard pylon reduces rope wear and makes waterski runs smoother by eliminating ratcheting.

MasterCraft Pulls Sammy Duvall to a 220’ World Record in men’s Jump.
MasterCraft’s new ProStar 205 becomes the first open bow boat to gain AWSA aproval to pull World Record Capable tournaments.

25,000th MasterCraft produced.
LT-1 Corvette engine becomes the first fuel injected engine in the entire marine industry!

First standard equipment electronic fuel injected engine in the marine industry.

MasterCraft introduces the MariStar 200 VRS.
MasterCraft’s new ProStar 190 reduces spray and improves slalom waterskiing.
Perfect Pass Cruise control becomes an option.

MasterCraft introduces a new roomier ProStar 205.

MasterCraft introduces the first X-Star and pulls the first X-Games Wakeboard event.

MasterCraft introduces new versions of the MariStar 200 VRS and 225 VRS that set new standads for V-Drive Boats.
New Monocoque™ fitted composite stringer system brings aerospace technology to ski boats.
New ProStar 190 hull dramatically lowers spray and improves tracking.
New MasterCraft Oscillation Dampering System (M.O.D.S.™) uses aerospace materials and a unique structural configuration to dramatically reduce vibration and noise.
A new high-pressure fuel pump delivers fuel more consistently for more power, better combustion and lower emissions.

Advanced fuel delivery system—industry’s only tapered bottom fuel cell with an in-tank pump for improved performance and increase in usable fuel.
Two-part motor box constructed of lightweight composite materials. Routine maintenance checks can be performed by lifting the top only—or the entire box can be lifted for additional engine access.
MasterCraft introduces the LTR engine with 330 HP and the Cadilliac NorthStar System.
Parks Bonifay is the first rider in history to land a 1080 behind his MasterCraft X-Star.

MasterCraft Training Systems (MTS), which is a ballast tank under the observer’s seat in the storage area and holds up to 185 pounds, simulates the weight balance of tournament conditions. Convenient dash controls and a gauge control the weight.
Keel line Gravity Ballast (KGB) system creates a low center of gravity for better handling and maneuverability than side tanks systems. It adds 400 pounds of wake-enhancing weight.
Teak swim-platform transom protector guards the boat from accidental scratches by skis and wakeboards.

MasterCraft introduces a re-designed ProStar 190 EVO® hull, which lowers and softens the slalom wake.
MasterCraft introduces the X-10 and X-30, wakeboard versions of the MariStar 210 &230.
MasterCraft introduces the ProStar 209 and X-9 to replace the ProStar 205 direct drive.
The Triple KGB System utilized two rear automatic fill tanks located on either side of the engine and a Fat Sac in the ski locker that team up to provide a total of over 800 lbs. of ballast. The MasterView® driver’s seat is a flip-up/flip-down driver’s seat. It raises the driver six inches higher than normal to allow for a clear, unobstructed view fore and aft.
The Backstop Rope Deflection System offers a new way of preventing ski rope repercussions.
The Binding Blaster is a tank that connects with a hose and pump gun to spray liquid soap into bindings, allowing a smooth, easy entry.

MasterCraft introduces the ProStar 197 and wins Powerboat’s “Outstanding Towboat Performance Award.”
MasterCraft introduces the MasterCraft exclusive Cadillac LQ9 (HO 6000).
The ProStar 190 EVO and ProStar 197 become the first boats in history to be AWSA certified in all 5 competitive water ski events with the LQ9.
MasterCraft introduces the Tournament Team.
Barefooter Keith St. Onge breaks the world barefoot trick record behind a ProStar 197.
Inaugural MasterCraft Water Ski Championships produces 3 new Pro Tour records.

MasterCraft introduces the new 350 HP MCX Engine.
MasterCraft introduces a revolutionary new the X-Star.
MasterCraft X-Star wins Wakeworld.com “Wakeboard Boat of the Year”
MasterCraft introduces the 28ft. MariStar 280 VLD.
MasterCraft ProStar’s pull new world records in Men’s Slalom, Trick, and Jump

MasterCraft X-Star wins Wakeworld.com “Wakeboard Boat of the Year” for the second year in a row.
MasterCraft X-80/MariStar 280 named Boating Magazine’s “Boat of the Year”

MasterCraft introduces throttle by wire on the MCX engine.
JL Audio Speakers, Amp.’s, and Sub.’s move the audio experience to a new level.
MasterCraft introduces the twin engine X-80/MariStar 280 STS.
MasterCraft X-Star wins Wakeworld.com “Wakeboard Boat of the Year” for the third year in a row.

MasterCraft X-Star wins Wakeworld.com “Wakeboard Boat of the Year” for the fourth year in a row.
MasterCraft pulls the US Open of Waterskiing at Downtown Disney.
Danny Harf and Rusty Malinoski land 1080’s behind Rusty’s X-Star. As of 11/21/06 there have only been three documented 1080’s and all were landed behind MasterCraft X-Star’s.
MasterCraft ProStar 197 pulls new world records in Men’s Slalom and Jump and again holds the World Record Trifecta (Men’s slalom, trick, and jump).
MasterCraft sponsors U.S. Open of Waterskiing in Downtown Disney

MasterCraft and Indmar release the first catalytic convertors on the 350 HP MCX
More 1080's are landed reaffirming the X-Stars wakeboarding dominance
MasterCraft X-Star wins Wakeworld.com "Wakeboard Boat of the Year" for fifth straight year
MasterCraft dealers dominate the Nations Top 100 dealers list
MasterCraft sponsors the U.S. Open of Waterskiing, the event is bigger than ever!

MasterCrafts VDIG full digital display system redefines sophistication and ease of use
MasterCraft offers VW diesel engine in select boats
Diesel engine is approved by the IWSF for competition use in a ProStar 190
MasterCraft debuts folding platform brackets on most popular boats
MasterCraft sponsors the Pro Waterski Tour pronouncing skiings return to glory
MasterCraft sponsors the Pro Wakeboard Tour proving that they remain dedicated to watersports

MasterCraft debuts the ProStar 214V, the worlds first and only AWSA World Record Capable V-Drive
MasterCraft enters the luxury cruiser market with the all new 300 featuring 800 horsepower
MasterCraft releases the new X-55 and 255 the only 25' inboard on the market
MasterCraft CSX line expands with introduction of the 265
MasterCraft Fanfare invites customers to a behind the scenes view of the MasterCraft factory

MasterCraft debuts Surf Tabs on most models allowing for on the fly surf wake adjustment
MasterCraft introduces the "BIG" video display
MasterCraft offers a Tower Mounted Camera with dash board playback and SD Card recording ability
MasterCraft releases the new X-25 and 225V proving that their engineers continue to refine and perfect their boats
MasterCraft introduces the 300 the worlds first twin tip day yacht

MasterCraft introduces a new line of engines in collaboration with Ilmor Marine
MasterCraft has the first Ilmor Marine Engines AWSA Certified in a ProStar 190 and 197
MasterCraft releases the Parks Bonifay Edition X-Star
MasterCraft produces the first factory option power retractable wakeboard tower
MasterCraft patents a new strut design which generates more top speed and increased wake characteristics
MasterCraft debuts the ProStar 190 and 197 World Tournament Team boats

Mikeg...let's add to this list!
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