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Old 03-22-2013, 10:41 AM
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I'm usually on the TN river when I ride, and I encounter fishermen regularly, but haven't really had a dangerous incident from any of them. Usually just dirty looks as I drive by, but I always give them a wide berth.

Tubers and boat fleas (jet skis), on the other hand, are usually the ones I'm worried about. The boat fleas like to jump the wake and follow too close, and the tubers are completely unpredictable. Not to mention they destroy the good water.
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Old 03-22-2013, 11:32 AM
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I am guilty of puling a tube on occassion. I will usually go down river to another oxbow away from my fellow boarders & skiers...I usually stop pulling it if I see another inboard...It's just embarrassing
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Old 03-22-2013, 11:44 AM
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I agree there are idiots in all types of boats.

It can be tough dealing with people who have a hard time respecting the lake in general.

I think the most difficult to deal with these days are the wave runners/jet skis....far too many people hop on them and cut boats off left / right.
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Old 03-22-2013, 12:56 PM
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If I'm passing a fisherman in a narrow part of the lake, I will usually make a broad turn to throw my wake away from them. The worst thing to do is slow down then speed up as you go past them as that will make a much bigger wake than if you just blow past. If I'm already set in a part of the lake and a fisherman comes in and starts casting, he is just SOL if he wants flat water! We don't seem to have a lot of conflict here in Northwest Arkansas. Plenty of redneck ski boats (bass boats with pylons) as most people both fish and enjoy water sports around here.
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Old 03-22-2013, 01:08 PM
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IMO, It is all in the approach. Come across as confrontational, you’ll get confrontational in return. I often preach this at my club meetings...

One of the common scenarios on our site is when we have fishermen moored to our ski jump. I approach them (idling) and very courteously let them know a few things:

1. We’re about to ski and that our boat path will be right by them, so we don’t want them to think we’re being jerks, but we lease the cove from the city, and boats not in the ski club are to remain on the other side of the lake

2. I usually politely ask they not moor, or park or bump up against our jump as it can lead to us having to spend money to repair it.

Another common scenario are the on shore fishermen who have illegally parked outside our gates, have crossed over those gates even though there are private property / no trespassing signs all over the barriers... They would also be ignoring the signs I placed on the shoreline. I again POLITELY approach them and let them know that 1 – they are illegally parked... 2 – they are on leased property... and 3 – if the authorities show up, they’ll get cited for parking, trespassing and no fishing license (if they do not have one)... Ticket fear usually runs them off.

Again, outside of Kyle’s scenario #2 (Kyle did not mention that I was actually shot at by the pellet gun) and one other where a fishermen blew up at me (unprovoked), it is all in the approach...

There are exceptions however, and that is what the police are for... Don’t take matters into your own hands, the results could be costly in so many ways.


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Old 03-22-2013, 01:44 PM
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Honestly, I have nothing against the fishermen in my area--plenty of room for everyone assuming we all behave. . . but thought some of you might enjoy this recent dialogue regarding bass boats and trailers.

After pulling our boat at a busy launch, one of my twin boys asked, "Are the fishing boats all glittery to help attract the fish?" I simply replied, "No it's not that. It's just that nothing says rugged outdoorsman like a boat dressed like a parade float."
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Old 03-22-2013, 02:49 PM
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Why do fishing boat have to go 80mph? There are fish everywhere!
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Old 03-22-2013, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by gid View Post
Why do fishing boat have to go 80mph? There are fish everywhere!
Because you may miss the weigh in.
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Old 03-22-2013, 04:54 PM
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Watching on our lakes, the percentage of rude Inboard drivers is much higher than rude fishermen. A guy surfing with 3000 pounds of ballast 50' off your bow is far worse than a 1500 pound Bass boat. And I've had both shut down in front of me.

Frankly, the worst problem here is at the ramp when a Thunderstorm rolls in. You've got 100 people trying to get off the lake before the 60 mph winds hit, and the first three guys pull out and into the make-ready slots, essentially shutting down the ramp for everyone else (it's difficult, but not impossible, to get a trailer into the water straight without being able to pull forward into the make-ready lane). Guldarnit, there's a parking lot just to the right - pull your damn boat over there and get it ready to go home so other people can get off the lake. Watched one boat sink at the dock because of a backup caused by this. I've tried to reason with people (Inboard, I/O, Bass boat) about this, and boy do they have an entitlement complex about those slots.
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Old 03-22-2013, 05:25 PM
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Unfortunately there are wankers in all walks of life and whether you ski or board ,whatever, we are all tarred with the same brush thanks to the mindless few. It comes down to respect and a little common courtesy. We bump heads when someone puts themselves or the crew ahead of the enjoyment of others. If you want to surf with 5000 lbs of ballast and 16 crew blasting out 7000 jiggawatts of doof doof then fine, but do it somewhere where you will not ruin the day for someone who is out there for the peace and quiet and a little bit of flat water.
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