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Old 03-13-2013, 04:52 PM
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Beginner slalom

Well last year I bought my first mastercraft, a 1990 prostar 190 351 and powerslot. We leaned to wakeboard behind it the 2nd weekend we had it out and have had a blast since then. I've skied behind it quite a few times but since I learned to wakeboard Ive barely even touched my skis. I leaned to ski when I was maybe 10 behind a deck boat of my grandpas and was hooked, you couldn't keep me off the skis if I was at the lake. I slalomed one or two times by the time I was 16, then they sold the boat and I hadn't been on skis since. I got up first time on 2 this year and skied like I had never quit. I tried slalom but couldn't get out of the water. I want to take skiing to the next level, I want to slalom and be decent at it. I'm pretty good at wakeboarding, not awesome but I can wake to wake and a couple little things. My step dad used to be big into slalom and he is the one who taught me to ski. I've been trying to get him to ski since I got the boat but he is pretty busy and says he would be to sore from it to work the next week (he is 51). But I know there are older guys on here that slalom hardcore and still are great! This summer I'm looking to get him to go with me quite a few times and get him back into the grove of it. Our lake doesn't have a slalom course. I don't want us to get into tournament skiing or anything but I do want to be able to have something else to add to my water sports list.

So the questions:

Where should I start? We have a good set of skis and 3 older slalom skis, I'll post pics of the slalom skis when I get home.

Where can I find more info on terms& technique? When you guys are talking about 22 off or whatever it's like jibberish to me and I want to learn that stuff.

Where can I find a portable course? Of course I'll have to be able to ski first but for later.

Any pointers?

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