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Tongue Length?

Disclaimer: This isn't a a thread about Gene Simmons or "gee, you must have been popular with the ladies. ."

Have a PS197 ('07) on a single axle MC standard trailer with a swing-away tongue. Here's the part where you get to make fun of me. . . pulling with a Toyota Sienna. Yeah, cool boat and dorky tow vehicle. But a new vehicle isn't in the cards just now. . . I want to wait until I can afford an Audi Q7 TDI (have three kids--need the extra seating row).

The Sienna actually does great for our 25 mile trips to the lakes, but it's at the ramp we run into challenges. In particular, we have to get the back of the van into the water pretty far. . .in fact the waterline nearly to the front tires. And even then, I can't float the boat off. I have to power it off and it takes more that just a gentle bump of the throttle.

Question. . . could I lengthen the tongue on the vehicle side of the pivot? Was thinking if I added 8" to 12" that'd probably give me the extra buffer I need, but not sure if this would be problematic or risky in some way. I can see where more length could make it more prone to bending under the same load, but perhaps could also reinforce against that with extra steel plating on the sides. Thanks in advance for the advice.
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