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Old 01-25-2013, 11:43 AM
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New boat cleaning product check list

Hey Guys

I know there is a ton of threads on this already. Just want to run my plan by you guys and see what you think.

Boat is a 2009 X45 black and red. New to me.

Step One: Remove all the cushions and clean with Babes seat soap (From what I read it works better then the 303 cleaner). Depending if the sticking is dirty I may use a tooth brush and really scrub with Babes. Last step two coats of 303 Areospace Protectant.

Step Two: Cover - clean with 303 fabric cleaner and protect with 303 Fabric Guard

Step 3- Carpets- steam clean carpets and use 303 Fabric cleaners on any spots.

Question: Is there a product I should spray on the carpet after cleaning to protect it?

Step 4- Collinite Cleaner wax 920 then Collinite Fleetwax 870 followed by 303 Areospace protectant.

Question: I have never owned a boat with some many decals on the side. Will the use of a polisher harm the decals or do I polish and wax over the decals?

Step 5- Polish all the metal including the tower with Meguiras metal polish followed by Meguirs metal guard

Question:: I am not set on the Meguirs products. Any other suggestion into metal polish

Step 6- Clean engine and bilge then coat engine cover and hoses with 303

Step 6- Drink 6 beers while looking at the boat in the Garage. Possibly substitute last beer with 40 Creek Rye and Coke.

Did I miss anything??

Purchase List:
1 gallon 303 Areospace protectant (EBAY $54)
1 gallon Babes Seat soap (Easy boat care $30.99)
32 oz 303 Fabric Cleaner (Easy boat care $15.99)
32 oz 303 Fabric Guard (Easy bat care $31.99)
1/2 gallon Collinite Cleaner wax 920 and Collinite Fleetwax (combo price $79.95)
Meguairs Metal Polish (easy boat care $21.99)
Meguairs Metal Gaurd (easy boat care $23.99)

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