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Originally Posted by JMann View Post
Has anyone had a claim with Ski Safe? I just had a claim with State Farm on my boat and it took them 5 weeks to get anything done. They totally dragged there feet.
I called Geico through ski safe there equal policy was almost half that of State Farm. My policy is due this month, I would like to switch but don't want to go with someone that would take even longer to process a claim.
Any experience with Progressive or Geico claims would be appericated
I have Progressive for both boats and recently sent Skisafe my policy to beat, they couldn't in my case. The were proactive, and there were some small differences in coverage options (balancing out IMO). Now I have never had a boat claim, so that's a big ? too. The rates at Progressive have been going down due to no claims, I like that...

But, changing the policy options depending on what I'm doing with my boats, etc., is simple to do online with Progressive. With all that determined, I decided to keep Pro for this year.

Shop around using your current policy as a benchmark. It's easy and you'll learn alot about your coverage! Critical to know BEFORE you have a problem.

YES, I read some horror stories about progressive claims...
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