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Old 11-28-2012, 01:12 AM
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X-15 nose/tail weighting

I am looking for the best ratio of nose/tail weighting for an X-15. I have 450-500 lb sacks in both rear corners on top of full stock ballast. I find the wake a little abrupt of I leave it there plus it gets difficult to clean up at lower speeds (less than maybe 22 mpg) and can be a little sensitive to driver/observer weight differences in getting the wake symmetrical. I can improve the wake slightly - a little cleaner at low speed and not quite as abrupt - by using maybe 30% down on the trim tab.

I'd like to experiment with additional weight in the nose, but you all can cut down the amount of trial and error substantially if you can share the right balance you've found. I'm thinking of adding a couple hundred pounds or so of lead to the nose so I don't constantly have to deal with ballast bags. I rarely have more than an observer and driver in the boat and can't count on human ballast.

First, what is the stock ballast for the x-15 and how much of that is front vs rear? I seem to recall stock is somewhere between 750-1000 but I don't know the relationship between front and rear.

Second, I've always heard a rule of thumb is about 60% of the ballast weight should be in the rear for a nice shaped wake. Does this apply equally well to the X-15? What are others finding works for theirs? My current set up is rear heavy and as mentioned is large but a but of a cliff... Would prefer giving it a little more ramp.
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The setup in my X15 is just about as good as i can get at 22.0 even.
a 750 bow sac, and 2 400 sacs in the back. all stock ballast full. i also dont have a trim tab. its pretty killer for a 21 foot boat. it takes full throttle to get on plane, but its worth the gas.



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