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Old 11-19-2012, 07:39 PM
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Hmmm. Alt problems? difficult hot start on occasion

84 351 PCM. Actually it's only happened once, but mid-late November, no other boats in sight, and you turn it off and it goes whump when you try to restart, it gets your attention lol. It did start after I turned the key again, but that is not ok behavior for a watersports boat. Needs to start every time, hot or cold. It did not sound like a starter issue but more like an insufficient juice issue. Boat is not overheating according to gauge btw. It is right at 155-160 degrees.

I have not checked voltage output at higher rpm, but I know at idle speed it's barely better than battery voltage (about 13.1 edit: actually it started at about 12.8, and after I had the tester on it for about 30 seconds it was up to 13.1, which is where it stabilized). ammeter reads just a needle or two to the right of zero at all times, regardless of load. I do not know if that's normal or if the gauge is actually working. I know on my cars, they do 14 or better volts at idle -- no idea on amps

The alt that is in the boat appears to have an external regulator mounted to the back of it -- looks like a rectangular box -- not something I'm familiar with seeing. I guess I could take it to the store to have them test it but what do I tell them? is it a reverse rotation or anything else special besides being a marine alternator? I also looked at skidim and it looks like they're selling internal regulator alts as replacements now . . . so what they are selling looks different than what I have.
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