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Old 11-16-2012, 07:22 AM
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x10 vs x30 vs x25

I own a 2010 x15. I am about to sell it and want help in my choice for next boat.

What I did not like in the x15
- Wake gets wide too quicly
- This means you have to ride faster (24 mph) and can't have a longer rope line (max 70ft.. any longer it is too wide and washes out)
- This said when you add sacs, ride fast, and shroter line, the wake is great.
- The problem is when you add all the sacs it is impossible to slalom on the spot as sacs can t be emptied automatically
- Also wake is extremely sensitive to weight distribution
- Also when weighed down kind of a tank out of the water and in turns... but I have the small engine

What I am looking for in my next boat
- Wakeboard wake is the most important - number one driver in my choice
- Big plus if it is good with just factory ballast and just one driver in boat
- Really don't want the wake to get too wide fast as in the x15
- would like to be able to ride at 75 feet ... around 22 ish mph... and still have crisp solid wake
- Also my wife slaloms once in a while... so with no ballast and one driver going fast, slalom needs to be acceptable. Not pro level bot just ok
- Also don't want the boat to bee to much of a tank out of the water... not take to loong to plane... be nimble as well in turns

I know that some of what I am describing above is conflicting, but just trying to find best overall compormise

What I hear from the new boats:

- I like that is is small, nimble fast
- Slalom will probably be ok on it... i am guessing
- How is the wakeboard wake? will it need tons of sacs to dial in?
- Will it be wide like the x15 because boat is wide and short?
- Not much info out there on it

- seems to have the best wakeboard wake out of my listed choices
- wakeboard wake seems to be good with just factory ballast
- Does it get wide fast as in the x15
- Can you get a clean crisp wake at 22mph and 75 ft? or do you need to speed things up and shorten lenght
- If you empty all ballast and have just one driver... go 32-33mph with trim down. Is the slalom wake acceptable?
- I read some posts that it feel like a larger in boat in term of hadling... takes a while to plane, not nimble, harder to turn quick... is this accurate? can it be fixed with larger engine and tracking fins?

- From what I read it is more nimble than the 25
- How is the wakeboard wake? is it ok with stock ballast? Does it get wide fast like the x15? Can you ride slower and still keep crisp wake? Do you need to add fat sacs to get great wake?
- How is it for slalom skiing?

I am overseas and it is nearly impossible to test drive here, so your inputs will be very helpful. Also a lot of what I wrote on the boats is based on threads and not personal experience... so may be inaccurate.

Sometimes I just think go for the x2... proven wake, nimble, also ok for slalom...

Too many choices out there... get confusing!
For purposes of this thread, let's ignore pricing aspect for now.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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