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Old 04-16-2012, 12:20 PM
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I had the older ski compared to yours, HO Limited TRX 9.8 with the 97 boots.

I see that you have the 98 boots and they look almost identical to mine. That boot will most likely fit a lot of skis out there and in particular, HO's. I found a used Goode 9700 and put my 97's on it. I've skied it for a few years now and the performance is definitley noticable. I bought a newer pair of Animals at a swap meet and I must say, I liked my 97's better. Animals were just too uncomfortable (red and white ones if that helps with the era).

Now, I've been trying the course a little (last year) and if I sit in those boots too long, I end up cramping pretty good. I was not use to being in that boot for such a long time. You know, run the course, rest, run the course, rest, etc. I finally had to just kick the ski off it was hurting so much.

I just recently upgraded to some Radar Strada 2011 boots and am exicted to try them out. They seem much more comfortable.

But, bottom line, you can step into this purchase in phases and just look for the ski. Then, maybe next year, upgrade your boots. It sounds like we ski similar, 34 mph maybe 15 off or so.

Good luck on the hunt.....it's worth upgrading a little.
- Jeff

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Old 04-16-2012, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by ntidsl View Post
I recently went from a 2005 HO to a 2010 and the technology change was $%##$%^$ amazing!!! Lighter, less drag, faster, beter in turn, made skiing more enjoyable!!! Make the investment in a new ski...best $1000 you'll spend...

See my threah on the Synicate S1.

My advice...search long and hard for a new ski but 1 or 2 years old...left over! My problem with ski it again is that you never know how the previous owner tweaked the fin and wing. Find a good dealer and make sure they have the fin at factory settings and enjoy!
Originally Posted by MIskier View Post
A 67in Radar Senate/Vice would be a great ski as well as the HO Coefficient X or Triumph. There are plenty of them for sale on ski-it-again at good prices. I do not agree with 19 skier about the fin, as long as you can read a tape measure and a caliper you can set a fine back to factory in a few minutes.

As for bindings Radar has the best setup out of the box as far as comfort and safety. My current set up is a rear toe loop and a Radar Strada front boot and I have had no problems with safe releases. Over the years HO has had some problems with their binding designs being prone to breaking ankles, the animal was one of the worst, but I cant speak on the safety of their newer designs that borrow a lot of the design detail from Radar.
Hey! Don't drag me into a fin adjustment argument
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