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[quote=tplane2;794207]From what I've been told: Yes, it would run the same as a Duramax. IIRC Dodge put them on the for longevity and ease of prime.
You are correct there are tons of Dodges with lots of miles, but how old are they really compared to Duramaxes. Are you thinking P-Pumps or the VP44 (?) from the CRD 03-07. The stock cp3 on a duramax lasts about 200-250k. Thats without any fuel demanding performance upgrade added. IMO thats not very long.

I was speaking of the CR Cummins. So do the Cummins CP3's really last that much longer with a lift pump? (Just asking, I don't have any high mileage experience with either although I own/owned both.)
Ease of priming is nice too, never have to prime after a filter change with the Dodge.
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Originally Posted by jkski View Post
New update on the saga:
Mechanic/Tech just called and said that injector #5 is bad and staying open, so the good news is that this would explain why is was running badly even after having replaced the FPR, the bad news is that he stated that if 1 injector goes bad then others generally follow suit. So, my questions now are:
1) Could a bad injector cause the knocking/cackling noise I was hearing?
2) How likely is it that other injectors will soon follow in failure?

Thanks in advance.
How many miles n the truck? Less than 100k I presume since yuo have it at the stealer.
All the other injectors don't necessarily follow. Besides the LLY on up engiens are easier to change injectors, I wouldn't do all 8 jsut because.
Did they check the balance rates like I suggested? That will tell you if any others are on the edge or not. Also if #5 was staying open, how much fuel did you push into the crank case? Was the oil level overfull?
I saw you other thread about the backorder.
Best suggestion I got is to get over on diesel place and let those guys steer you in the right direction.
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