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Old 09-03-2011, 01:59 PM
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Electrical trouble - 96 PS205 LT1

I'm having some strange electrical issues on my 96 PS205 LT1. Basically I'm getting zero current to everything, but somewhat unpredictably. It started two weekends ago out of the blue. I was using the boat just fine, went to start it later in the day and the starter motor just clicked and died. At first I thought it was the battery since I knew it was getting a little weak, so I took it out and had it on a conditioner the past 2 weeks. Battery is now testing at 13.5 volts, so I'm pretty sure its not that.

When I reconnected the battery today and went to start it again, the same thing happened: I turned the key to on and I could hear the fuel being primed and the gauges went to their normal position, then as soon as I turned the key to start the starter clicked once and died and all the gauges went dead. And by dead I mean zero juice: the clock second hand stops moving, no blower, no horn, no radio, etc. Give it about 5 minutes and the power starts flowing again: clock restarts, horn can blow, etc.

As far as I can tell no breakers, including the main 50A on the motor, have tripped. Just now I left it for a few minutes, came back, and each time I would turn the key to to the on position the clock stopped moving. I turned it back to off and the clock restarted. I repeated that at least 10 times. But now, when I turn the key to on the fuel system isn't priming and the gas gauge isn't moving. Every now and then it will, but as soon as I turn the key to start I get one click out of the starter and everything dies again.

Could this be a bad ignition switch? Or have I got a faulty ground somewhere? Where would you recommend I start looking?

Thanks in advance!!!!
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