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Exclamation Broken Bow Guide Upright help!

Greetings all,
I am looking for information about a re4placement part for a 2006 galvanized trailer for an X30. Son in law was loading the boat during strong winds and decided to run over the bow guide upright on one side of the trailer. lucky the guide snapped and the hull is fine.

With great examination the guide pole has 3 components. the collar that is part of the frame, a tappered peg, amd the actual upright guidepole. the "peg" is a cast peiece and i assume designed to break with exceeded presssure to save from other dammage. the "peg itself it ~10 1/4 inched from top to bottom. the top end (which the guile poll slips over and is fastened with allen key bolts) is 1 9/16 inch in diameter, the bottom half of this tappered Peg (which slips into the collar in the fram and bolted from underneither) is 1 5/8th inch in diameter.

If anyone had any information on where i might be able to find this peice or if any of your dealers in your area have any 2006 trailers please let me know!

Many Thanks!
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