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Old 08-16-2010, 10:02 PM
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Water coming in through gas vent

Hi, I'm having issues with my 1990 Tristar. It keeps getting water in the gas tank. I've had the carb rebuilt, the water/fuel, separator replaced, the tank emptied (twice). The boat runs strongly for hours but it seems that the water/fuel separator cannot keep up and eventually it gets waterlogged and dies. I've just drained the tank myself (I'm fed up with the dealer and local shop). I unhooked the hose that goes from the vent (under the fuel fill) and put it in a bucket and sprayed the vent with a garden hose. There was a significant amount of water that came in throught the gas vent. I notice that when I'm cruising at medium speed, 20-30 mph, the water splashes right up into the vent area especially when I turn to the right. Has anyone ever had a similar issue with your tristar or any mastercraft for that matter? I can't find anyone with a similar experience.

As another test, I'm planning to connect a hose to the fuel tank where the vent hose would normally go and just fasten it so it just vents higher over the gunwale so no water will get into the tank again (if that's where it is coming from). I will then leave the hose going from the gas vent outlet on the side of the boat down into a bucket. I will take the boat out and do some hard turns and see if water fills into the bucket while the tank vents safely over the side. When I get home I'll check the water/fuel separator to see how full it is. Ok. Thanks for listening. Please let me know if you have any thoughts.
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