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Old 11-27-2008, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by flashydubber View Post
Thinking of getting a truck to tow the X-Star around and to use around the cottage for gan cans, lumber, concrete, etc..

Yet still need the class for work to go to meetings and drive clients to lunch etc.

Stumbled across this great deal... or so I think..

New list price was $60k cnd... now about half of that...

2007 Chev Silverado CrewCab LTZ
Has 17500 miles on it... was a GM Canada exec truck..

LTZ package
6.0 V8 with active fuel management
HD Tow package
Leather, heated seats, 12-way power adj
Touch screen nav and rear DVD flip screen (factory installed)
Rear parking sensors
20" wheels
power rear glass

and all the other good stuff...

Thoughts on reliability, fuel economy, missing obvious options?
A buddy just got quoted 27,500 for a new 08 ltz crew cab 4x4. He said list on that was 39k.
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Old 11-27-2008, 08:08 PM
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We have the 07Denali and the 07Avalanche and are sold on the GMC trucks. Towing with either one we get about 8mpg but that's not a issue. I would rather have the power towing up hills and the comfort and reliability.
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Old 11-27-2008, 09:27 PM
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i am oil feild worker in nothern alberta i drive off road evryday about 100 k to 300k thru mud snow ice roads up mountain foothills towing heavy loads thise is chevy country i drive personaly 1/2 sylverado 07
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Old 11-27-2008, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by bigmac View Post
Yeh. You'll get pretty crappy mileage at that speed in that truck with that engine. Especially if you're towing something. Especially if you're towing an X-Star.

Active Fuel Management - get going 75 mph and you will rarely see it switch to 4 cyl mode. If you're towing something at that speed - you will NEVER see it engage.

You asked, so I'll tell you MY thoughts on a tow vehicle...go buy a used, stripped-down 1/2 ton standard-cab pickup with cloth seats and no carpeting (so-called GM "work-truck). Use that only for towing. Go buy a Honda Civic sedan (or something) for commuting and hauling clients. IMHO, using a crew-cab, 6 liter pickup for a daily driver is a HUGE waste of gasoline. That's going to be MY next move.
I have to agree with Big Mac. Why spend the money and gas when you likely use it for towing less than 5% of the time. I partially went that route. I tow my 08 X-star with a 6 cylinder 4 wheel drive Tacoma. 20 mpg not towing, 12 mpg towing. I am not going to pass some body going up hill towing the X-star, but it has no issues pulling the boat and is great for the household hauling chores.
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Old 11-27-2008, 11:15 PM
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Valid point...
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Old 11-27-2008, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by 87 TriStar 190 View Post
I bought an 08 Denalli with the 6.0 in September. The first tank of gas it was getting better mileage (21.7 mpg at 67 mph on one 60 mile trip) than my o4 with the 5.3 (about 18.5 mpg for the same type trip). I only have 500 miles on it. Bought it for towing and taking more people on trips. That's all we use it for. We'll have six of us going out of town today so we'll put a few more miles on it. This is my fourth Yukon. I'm sold with the ride and performance. The backup camera adds a whole new dimension to trailering also. Get that if you can.
I thought the Denali actually has the 6.2L rather than the 6.0L. I also think the Denali has a 6 speed trannny which helps with the mileage a little bit more. My friend has an 07' Caddy suburban with the 6.2L, full time 4wd and got around 21 mpg going up to the ski pass a few times (pretty much identical to the Denali less a few bells and whistles). He is VERY impressed with the 6.2L as he came from the V-10 Excursion. His biggest concern was the towing ability. He is definitely a Ford guy but now, he has definitely changed. He loves the ride, comfort and pulling power of the Caddy just fine. He test drove it with his 30' trailer up I-70 heading into the mountains before buying it.......the Caddy did a great job! Keep in mind, it is a 6 speed tranny vs. the "Max" 4 speed.

I think the fuel economy is going to be 14-15 with either engine (6.0 or 5.3). This is not an econo box. To make a big deal about 1 more mpg really doesn't do much in the grand scheme of things.

My 3/4 ton, 8.1L suburban gets 12 mpg around town. 13-14 on highway. 8-9 towing. I still love the truck and I do feel the truck is pulling the boat......not the boat pushing the "tow vehicle". If you have to put in an extra $5-10 per fill-up......are we talking maybe $50 extra a month. I can handle it. Just my 2 cents.
- Jeff

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