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Old 08-06-2008, 03:38 PM
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07 X2 LED Install

this will be my comprehensive thread for my LED install... been at this for the better part of a month (off and on)... while my photography skills may be lacking my vision for this project has not... to date i've got through 3 phases of 5 on my project overall...

the first phase was to put 2 8mm LEDs above the cupholders and 2 4 LED Pods under the dash... the 8mm LEDs and the 4 LED Pods were ordered from www.plasmaLED.com... they were great and got shipments out quickly and while there wasn't a number to call their e-mail system was quick answering any questions...

All the power wires i ran using thermostat wire available at any home improvements store... i used red butt connectors to wire everything in... no problems as of yet w/ the life of the electrical connection...

the two LED Pods under the dash i mounted to the dash braces but will soon be moved to the outer walls facing inward to give a better glow effect instead of a shining (sorry the picture i'll post later do it NO justice)

the two 8mm LEDs (2 over each cupholder) are mounted w/ gorilla glue (the only thing i could find to adhere well enough to the fiberglass... hot glue DID NOT work as it would release when temps went up under the black cover as the boat was sitting in the driveway) and small squares of velcro... i glued the velcro to the LED and the other to the fiberglass so that the direction of the light is fully adjustable... ie you can keep the LED from spotlighting on an exact spot...

sorry no pics of phase 1... camera was borrowed by sister who took it w/ her when she returned to college

phase 2 was installing new interior "courtesy" lights... had to drill for this one... wasn't happy at all about it... but now that it's done it looks great and gives the desired effect... i replaced the factory courtesy w/ a M-400 unit from abyss lighting (also great to work with you)... installed pic below... again THE DRILLING WAS NOT FUN... used a hole saw bit in reverse which was tricky b/c there was nothing for the auger bit to "bite" into... i almost cried over it... but it's in now...

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