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Old 07-29-2008, 05:52 PM
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07 X2 Fly high ballast install

I did the quick and easy version of how to install the custom fly high ballast rear sacs and the integrated bow sack. The Fly High ballast added a total of #1525 pounds +. The rear are #400+ each and the bow is #725+. So total ballast now with factory and Fly High kits is #2363+ (Factory is 225# each for port and starboard and 388# for KGB).

It was really easy install and took an hour and half probably to complete from start to finish. Use a hair dryer to heat the tubing to fit on the connectors or it is near impossible to get them on. I used all quick disconnect from Fly High so I can easily take the system out if needed and for winterization.

Also I re-programmed my ballast timers which I will include at the end.

Parts list for the rear;
2 custom X2 fly high rear sacs
2 90 degree angle 1" threaded one side and other side to accept 1" hose
2 straight quick disconnect fitting from Fly high with nipple inserts for the bags
2 90 degree quick disconnect fittings from Fly High with nipple inserts for the bags
6 1" stainless hose clamps
2 3' sections of 1" hose

Parts list for the bow;
1 Fly high integrated bow sac (comes with nipple plug for third hole in sac)
1 90 degree angle 1" threaded 1 side and other side to accept 1" hose
2 straight quick disconnect fittings from fly high with nipple inserts for the bags
3 1" stainless hose clamps
1 5' section of 1" hose

Locate the rear overflow hose coming off the ballast tanks which can be found underneath the rear seats shown in pic.

Unscrew clamp and take off hose. Next take out the existing black straight fitting with a wrench.

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