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Old 11-20-2006, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by P-hat_in_Cincy

USC...especially after Mike Hart's comments. I'd like them to chew on this loss for a year.

He talked smack about our vaunted defense, but what about his? Against TSUN defense: 502 yards. 192-ish on the ground.

The game shouldn't have been that close if we don't give up 2 freebies, but again, that's the way this game goes.
Mike Harts comments are correct. Why does that bother you? Your defense gave up 39 points to an average offense at best. Now the OSU offense was great and the UM defense was kicked in the mouth.

Do not talk about freebies as that is a terrible excuse. Choking under pressure is part of the game ... your center choked on a couple plays as did Crable or the game would have been ever more close. The game was what it was. OSU had the better team and they won, however, it would be interesting on a neutral field.

I know all the other UM fans would shoot me for saying this, however, I do not think UM deserves another shot. They had their game and they lost. USC, Florida or ARK should have a shot ... NOT ND they got a smackdown already and they are not even top 10 material. How do you get whooped by UM, almost lose to MSU, GA Tech and UCLA and still be in the top 10? They are pretenders at best.
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