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Old 12-04-2017, 12:52 PM
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Value of a Good Detail Shop

I am picky and my boat is black, so naturally, my MCOCD runs wild! I had paid good $ in the past to have my boat compounded and waxed, and while it looked great when I picked it up, as soon as it got wet, the oxidation/gray color would show right back up! I had read about wet sanding but didn't think I had the skills or time to tackle it successfully. I decided it was time to bring the boat to a professional. I did some searching online and found Wolfeboro Car Wash and Executive Detail here in NH. Their online reviews were great so I gave them a call. Andrew shares the same MCOCD as I do (as he has a Maristar) and quickly had the sense of what I wanted to accomplish. I dropped the boat off one evening and showed him what I was looking to have done. He got right back to me the next day with a quote, and while I must admit it was more than I was initially wanting to spend, the completed work came out great! Seeing the quality of his work and the time it took to "make it right" I now see the value in what I paid. I do not work for Executive Detail, nor did they pay me to write this review, but if you are considering getting your boat spruced up. I would highly recommend giving them a call, or any reputable detailer near you. The experience they have is the asset here. I would venture to say the boat looks as good or maybe even better than new! I could have spent hours and hundreds of dollars screwing up my boat. I now see the value of a good detail shop! Take a look at the before and after pics.
Thanks Andrew!
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Old 12-04-2017, 02:19 PM
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Did they pull it off the trailer and do the bottom? I'd definitely take the drive and have my boat done by them if they provide that service.

Can you pm me the pricing?
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Old 12-04-2017, 10:10 PM
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That is great ... great review and looks awesome
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Old 12-04-2017, 10:18 PM
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Wow. I did a decent job on mine but would fork out the coin to have that work
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Old 12-04-2017, 11:57 PM
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Looks great!
That's the beauty of gelcoat. You can do this multiple times without burning through.
Our X2 is all black and the original owner was nice enough to let the transom get a bit oxidized. Haven't taken the time yet, but one of these years......it still shines up halfway decent.

So what did they use for compound and polish and how did they sand it? What grits?
When I did our old Prostar, 1 side and transom was chalky white, I started with 1000 then 1200, 1500, med compound and then polish.
Always a little sketchy about black though because it shows sand scratches worse, but yours looks beautiful. Think I can see a flea on the dog in that reflection!
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"I understand why some people may not want to do this the way I have recommended but I can't understand the death grip some people have on a toilet plunger with a hose fitting." -JimN
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Old 12-06-2017, 05:00 PM
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Thanks Gents! I am normally a "do it yourself" type but I just knew I couldn't make it look that good!
JohnE- Not sure of all his capabilities. He did a ceramic coat over the whole hull, except the very bottom, which should nearly eliminate my need to wax, just some easy spray on/off touch up at times. Probably best to give him a shout!

Thrall- YES! That is the advantage of the gel coat. I guess theoretically, if we kept up with it, other than some real deep scratches, most everything should be able to be wet sanded out. I was able to get the stern pretty decent also but it just never seemed to stay very long.

I don't know the exact steps he took. I believe it was a 4-5 step process on the stern, especially the black section, and then just a 1-2 step process for the port and starboard sides and bow as those are pretty much white and were still glossy.

Anyway, just thought I'd give credit where credit is due! Turn on the news and the negativity is overwhelming! Thought I'd give praise for a change Regardless of your location, I am sure there are detailers out there that could do this type of work, and if you aren't looking to spend $150K+ on a new boat, cleaning up the one ya got is a great alternative.
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