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Old 05-16-2014, 09:06 PM
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drills for rear foot control

I ride almost exclusively goofy. I do some 180s to my switch (regular, stance), but I go back to goofy as soon as I can like a scared little girl. I want to change that and get better riding switch. Today while practicing switch, I figured out something interesting for me: when I ride switch, I have almost no weight on my rear foot and control the board almost entirely with my front foot. I honestly think I could take the rear binding off the board and it wouldn't impact my switch riding at all and many of my switch crashes start by burying the nose or going over the front.

Does anyone have any good drills to focus on the rear foot and board control from the rear foot (right foot for me)? Right now I'm just focusing on carving trying to concentrate on initiating the turn from my rear foot, but it really isn't doing much for me. Hopefully there is something more focused.
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