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Originally Posted by maxpower220 View Post
For oil filters, do a quick internet search for independent oil filter tests. These are just people who do tests on their own, so you don't get advertiser input/backing. By using that info, when I change my own oil, I use Mobil 1 filters. K&N, Wix, and Royal Purple are also made quite well. Stay away from Fram or any "cheap" filter.

There are tons of oil threads.

Parks Ford in Wesley Chapel pretty much always has a coupon online for oil changes. I go there for every change in my Fusion and F150. I think I paid under $20 for oil change and tire rotation last time.
Wow... thought I was getting a good deal with 45 bucks for that on my 2011 5.0 f150....


Details released eventually

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I like to look at Bob is the Oil Guy for oil and filter testing but am partial to Amsoil signature series and their absolute Effeciency filter for once a year or 25000 mile drain intervals
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Originally Posted by Jerseydave View Post
I take mine to Ford every 5000 miles and let them use the oil they recommend.
Not going to risk any warranty issue later on by doing it myself (yuk) or using Jiffy Lube.

The dealer I bought it from said I can go 7500 miles between changes but I won't do that.
You can not be denied warranty service for changing your own oil or for using Jiffy Lube or for going to a Chevy dealer for your Ford as long as you are using manufacturer approved products (API service rating, viscosity, etc). 5k miles is about the max I would run on oil - oil changes are cheap. Both of my daily drivers are 150k+ miles and oil galleys are still spotless and freee of carbon and sludge. I am not a fan of oil life meters. They are based on calculations. I make enough money that the possibility of spending a bit extra for oil changes doesn't bother me. Oil can't be TOO clean.

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