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Originally Posted by elliott View Post
i dont know if it has a weight cap. its yacht certified. at least ive never seen one. i know it doestnt have a people cap. the props are brand new. nothing bent. but they are still the brass ones. wondering if i should have went with stainless ones. yea i have a tach for each motor and if the shifters are side by side the rpms are with in 200 of each other.

i wouldnt think the boat should skate or slide sideways across the water at 22mph with that much weight.
There's no such thing as a watercraft that DOESN'T have a weight rating. There's always a limit to the safe weight that's in a boat and if you go too far over, the hull can fail. At speed, the forces from 5500 lb of water is probably well over the limit. The spec sheet showed 1000 lb as the standard amount of ballast. You're more than two tons over that and you didn't even say how much weight from passengers/gear you carry.

The difference from stainless is found during hard acceleration and turns- stainless doesn't flex as much but at low speeds, I would bet that your problem is because the keel line isn't fully in the water- that helps keep the boat on track. Adding tracking fins won't help low speed operation- those are made for keeling it online when the skier is pulling hard to the side by using the force from the water to counteract the torque.

If you have more weight on one side, it won't/can't go straight unless the hull was designed with that in mind.
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