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There are so many threads on this subject...people need to remember that if you have a high quality speaker such as a Rev 8 that not only is under rated on paper for what it can take for power, and something that has longevity over time for taking lots of power, you need to have the right amp to get the potential. Simply putting a car amp that says it has RMS of say 300 watts does not guarantee that is what is actually put out. In addition, that rating is based on a vehicle (car/truck) electrical system output of 13.8 to 14.4 volts, and a boat does not provide that. So, what you get, if you are lucky, is 80% of the published RMS. In addition, if you run a cheaper amp that states it can put out say, 300 RMS for example, you would have to run that amp with near max gain, which over time, possibly a short time, due to overheating etc, result in amp failure and ultimately replacement. IMHO, if you are going to use a high dollar, quality speaker, you should spend the extra money and buy a quality amp that has reliable, proven success in the field (in our case, repeated uses on the water often exposed to moisture). Willy, that DS-2 is gonna kill....You should be the only boy on the block with that setup for a bit...should .02
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