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Originally Posted by dh_bennison
Sorry it may be down to my poor explanation. My last question about the prop was just to do with general acceleration before the PP kicks in.

Forget the PP for a moment lets assume its turned off. Will a smaller pitch prop help me to get to 23mph alot quicker than the current 14 x 19.5

Sorry to keep asking dumb questions, I just want to make sure I order the right thing!
It probably would help, but you have to worry about exceeding the max WOT RPMs if you run a prop with too low a pitch. The stock prop that came on that is a 14x18. I think that 14x19.5 is likely too much prop. OTOH, I don't think 13.5 x 16 is likely to be enough prop.

I would never order a prop without first talking directly to either Eric at OJ or Bill Weeks at Acme. Those guys are really smart.
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