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Originally Posted by Ski-me View Post
Don't get me started on that Blazer.....whole other story!! Let's just say I owned it in college, got married in it, had a kid, sold it and 12 years later, bought it back. That $3800 Blazer is now at least $11,000 Blazer! It has been fun restoring though, and ironically, the first kid (now 16) is driving it to school every day!
That's too funny Jeff. I replaced my swing away arm and brake actuator with the same one that you did this last summer. I haven't hooked the brake line back to the new master cylinder/actuator yet-it's on the list for next spring. Blazer looks as good as it did when you pulled it in to the parking lot at the house 23? years ago. My '72 is keeping the boat company in the garage up at our lake place. I had to put a HEI distributor in last summer when something in the original set up crapped out and I lost spark, but other than that it ran great all summer. Best part about the Blazer is that Kelli loves to drive it-I haven't taken any grief for buying since the original phone call I received after I sent her a picture of "her new rig". Bunch of guys were in town last weekend for the Apple Cup and had a great time hanging out on Saturday night. There's some talk about doing a reunion ...
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