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For those that are asking and thinking why poor this amount of money into a 14 year old truck, here are reasons:

1) I'm the original owner of the truck, it's paid off and has been for 11 years, NO PAYMENTS.
2) I love the styling of my Expedition and I've already done a lot of things to it that my wife would never let me do to a new truck.
3) It's not my primary vehicle. I only put 2,000 miles on it a year. I'll be driving this one more after the upgrade.
4) After I'm done, I'll have a vehicle that no one else has.
5) What makes more sense: buying a new one for $50 - $60K less my trade of $5K and having payments or keeping my perfectly good truck and spending $12K on upgrades and have a 450hp, 5,500 lb Go Kart? That's a pretty easy choice for me.

I figured some people would disagree with my choice but the nice thing is It's My Choice and I can't wait to get it back.

I'll posting pics for those that are interested.
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