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Unhappy Need a trailer compatible with a 1991 PS190

Well, I finally sold my trailer last year after paying to store it for 5 years and never once using it.

So of course now we are moving away from the floating home and I find I need a trailer. The good news is there's a garage space for a boat. Also the new house is less than a mile from the boat launch, so I don't expecting to be putting many miles on the trailer.

With the new house I am on a very tight budget, so no new trailer, no custom trailers, and I haven't been able to find a used mastercraft trailer.

Never having put my ps 190 on a trailer before (that's right, never!) what do I need to watch out for when looking for a new trailer? Will a standard 18-20' EZ Loader trailer work? I see these for well under $1k (actually some well under $500)

Any other thoughts?

The only alternative is (an my wife's preference) is to sell her.

Thanks, Tony (Seattle)
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