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New Slalom Vest

Wife got me a GC to for VD and it's time for a new vest. I ski the course into 32/35 off at 34 mph. My current vest is 10 years old and wearing thin. I see a HO "Point" Comp Vest for $99.00 and it is made of some 4 way stretch they tout to be form fitting. Here is my question; My current vest retains water (weight) and drains as I am in set up and for who know how many balls? Am I correct there are vests that do not retain water? Doesn't seem to be discussed much in the description of the product. Oneil has an "Outlaw" and "Tourque" for a little more $, again no mention if the retain water. I have broken ribs before skiing so I wonder if I am better off with a vest that buckles and is a little thicker than the "comp" vest? I don't compete, but I do get down. Any input for me on the drainage issue , or the models I have mentioned? Thanks, h20
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