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"i'm not the guy that goes around blasting his stereo all day, but i would like to feel confident that i can listen to it at reasonable to loud volumes a couple times a year on houseboat trips and such without ruining my alternator, or hanging out and listening, starting, cruising, listening, etc."

"it will be 1000W RMS on one amp ([email protected] and [email protected]) and ~400W RMS ([email protected]) on the 2nd. i'll never see that kind of output though. the smaller amp is a class AB and the larger one is a Class G/H amp with regulated power supplies and fans."

If I hear your stereo up here, I will publicly post it here.

Measure the voltage drop at the battery when you start the motor and turn all of the accessories on. If it drops more than a few volts, adding current draw will only make it worse. At higher RPM, it does produce more voltage and current but you need to deal with the draw at idle in order to not cause it to drop too low.

What is the total of the fuse values on the amps?
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