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Sorry it took so long to get some pics. Between the rain( ) and life in general, I finally got a few. I have a couple more of how the gas struts look that I will put up tonight. I had one of them pull out of the aluminum cardboard(imagine that) but in the midst of my preperation for melt down, I thought about trying some drywall anchors. So far they work great! I put a pic of the ones I used. The do not poke through either. The hard part was the latch. I had to use a pair of channel lock pliers to crush the deck so I could get the mounting nut on the bottom. It took a bit because I didn't want to crush it too much. A little repair to the mesh underside of the deck left but otherwise, came out pretty good. I am planning on using a small block of wood to reinforce the seat back where the latch hits. Just in case. And, yes, the MC logo IS upside down on the seat back. The PO had some of the upholstry redone but a little old man here in town. When he was done, he installed it wrong. I figure it is easier for my wife and kids to read it as they lay out on the deck taking it easy
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