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Originally Posted by Mark rsa2au View Post
JimN, I think the boat sat arround for a few years with an empty tank. The fuel here in Australia does not contain any "Special" additives that I know of, and I stay away from the ethanol blends.

I have pushed a number tanks through the motor so far (at its worst I was going through 2 tanks a day) and looking at the fuel in the tank it was crystal clear all the way to the bottom. There was what looked like sand (rust flakes) on the bottom and I syphoned these off from the open hole. I have also pumped a few bottles of fuel system cleaner through over various fills so hopefully there is no residue left. New filter, cleaned and checked pump, strainer clear, and we are good to go.

On the subject of scheduled maintainence I doubt much was done over the last few years, but it all looks good with no rust, nothing broken, and other than finding the causes of the above issues seems ok. Pulls like a freight train, and when running properly is as smooth as silk.

I am getting there.. Persistance beats resistance! Now all I need is above freezing temps to give it a test run... know any weather gods?
If you and/or the boat are very close to the ocean, the rust could be from brackish/salt water. Hard to say without having been there. Good to see that it's running well.
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