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Originally Posted by FlyZone Costa Rica View Post

Thanks, that's some good info. Looking at your thread, that looks awfully familiar.

For now I'm just trying to gather some info to see if it's feasible to bring back to life. Like someone posted, options are VERY limited here. Plus keep in mind that boats are about 30% more expensive here than in the US, plus labour is much cheaper, so it might be worth it.

If anyone can give an answer to my initial questions that would help a lot:
- how much is a new engine, and where can I find one?
- it has 310hp. Was 330 an option in 2001? What's the difference between these engines?
- which steering cable should it have (it's missing)?
- it's missing some smaller items (battery, some cup holders, mirror, nav light on bow, ignition switch, hydraulic springs (if that's what they're called, to keep the engine covers open). Do your trained eyes see anything else, anything major that's missing or needs attention?

Another one: what are some of your favorite online sources for parts etc?
The 330HP engine in 2001 was called LTR, but the calibration is very different from the TBI. However, you could have it recalibrated by sending the ECM to Indmar or MasterCraft. You would need the new engine to be extremely similar to the LTR, with the same throttle body, intake manifold, plenum, MAP/Throttle Position sensors, etc. If you really don't need the extra 20 HP and hassle, the TBI is still a very good engine. Not as sexy, but a good engine. You could also check Jasper for a replacement- they would need some information from the existing engine, but they do sell internationally. Here's a link-

All of the engines I used that came from Jasper were excellent- ran great and I never saw any problems. Their warranty is better than most, too. It's too bad the GM Performance Parts engines aren't warrantied for marine use- the 350 Ramjet would be a killer.
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