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hanks for the info! I guess when the seasons over i'll give them a call and discuss the cost of installing the skins...then make up my mind.
Did you replace any of the foam? What tools did you use to get the old staples out?
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I had to replace one piece of foam and that was b/c whoever reupholstered before put some chit in it so it was completely a not normal issue. The foam should be in decent shape and if not you can buy it at your local sewing store in diff thickness, strength etc. Again should not be an issue.

As for the old staples they are a pain in the butt but its just time consuming. I didn't want to send the guys at viper a bunch of vinyl with staples in it.

You'll learn alot from just pulling the staples and disassembling the skins. You get a good bit of insight on where and how to staple.

Again if you decide to take this on talk to me about it. There are a ton of lil tricks to get it done fast and right that you won't read anywhere. No sense in being like me and not learning them until I was half way through
I used a nice precision small flatblade. It makes the process fly compared to using pliers etc. You literally just pop an edge under and pull. They just fly out. Think me and the girl removed all the staples in like 1-2 hours after the skins were pulled off.
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