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Originally Posted by Dynamite Spike View Post
Thanks for the fast replies. I was thinking that they might prefer to have the boat to make sure everything fit right. I guess I'll talk to 02ProstarSammyD and see how his experience was...then I'll call Viper direct.
Does anyone know of a good upholstery shop in Alabama?
Yes, there is a guy on Lake Martin. He actually owns a MC 240 and has it for sale. I have not had anything done for me, but from talking with others, he does good work. I spoke with him on Monday and asked him about getting my whole boat redone and he said between $3-4k, which is probably similar to Viper. I have seen Viper's work and the amount of MC he does on a regular basis, so I would not hesitate to drive a little further to get a big job done, however, I do understand your need to find someone local. I would give the guy a call and see what he says. Depending on where in AL you are, that may be a better place for you. I am assuming you are south of Montgomery or thereabouts given the distance from Viper.

Pushwater Marine Upholstery
415 Dead Timbers Rd
Dadeville, AL 36853
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