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Originally Posted by aquaman View Post
CP, your zeal for dr. paul has clouded your good judgement.

Romney is 180 degrees different than Odumbo. He's American, successful seasoned businessman, ex-governor, christian, and is articulate without the need for a teleprompter.

Its your choice which of those is the Biggest difference between Romney + the incumbent.

You cannot and should not judge a politician by what they say.....they all talk too much, say too little, and do too little.

Ron Paul can talk a good game.
Believing in the constitution is poor judgment? Believing that our country should only spend what it takes in is poor judgment? Believing in the Bill of Rights is poor judgment? Only going to war and putting our men and women in harms way (and possibly destroying families) with proper authorization from congress is poor judgment.

No, the way in which this country has been run is poor judgment, and that needs to change. And that calls for Ron Paul.
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