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Originally Posted by aquaman View Post
CP, your zeal for dr. paul has clouded your good judgement.

Romney is 180 degrees different than Odumbo. He's American, successful seasoned businessman, ex-governor, christian, and is articulate without the need for a teleprompter.

Its your choice which of those is the Biggest difference between Romney + the incumbent.

You cannot and should not judge a politician by what they say.....they all talk too much, say too little, and do too little.

Ron Paul can talk a good game.
Businessmen are as successful as they are crooked so this isn't really something that makes him different from obama.

christian. Religion is hardly a barometer for a good politician. There should be a lot less religion in politics.

Ex-Governor. OK, I will give you this one, but really in this case it hardly applies. romney will say whatever it takes to get elected and has switched positions on numerous issues. All this proves is he is a good politician and can get elected. Time to shake up the etch-a-sketch again. (sorry, I couldn't resist)

Ron Paul doesn't just talk a good game, he proves it. Look at his voting record and his message. It is as consistent as the sun rising each day. This you cannot dispute, period.

So I guess I have to give you he was a governor as the difference between him and obama. There you go. There is the difference. His knowledge of our economic system and fiscal policy pales in comparison to Ron Paul. Ron Paul has studied economics and has a better grasp on it than any of the rest. Which is the reason he is going to cut a trillion dollars off the budget in his first year as president.
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